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Because who has time to write a multi-chapter...

KakaIru Drabble Community
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The KakaIru/IruKaka drabble community.
This community is basically up for adoption right now... If you are interested in becoming a mod please send me a message.

The rules are pretty simple. If you have questions please ask. If you have suggestions then please suggest.

+Topics/Themes can range from ideas to objects to phrases. Kinks are welcome. Be creative but not offensive!
+Other pairings are welcome but this is a KakaIru community.
+Mods will be given the right to change a week's topic or even assign one if a new one is not submitted in time.
+No one is to dispute the winner so long as the choice was made within the parameters. Winners will be chosen for different reasons: best, funniest, saddest, etc. Reasons do not have to be disclosed.

How This Works
1)The week's topic will be announced by the previous week's winner.

2)All entries should include:
Word Count:
Spoilers: Y/N
Entries are to be made in separate journal entries, not in the comment of the topic announcement. Entries are to be placed under an LJ-Cut or you may link to your own personal journal/outside site.

3)We do not flame. We do not plagiarize. We are good little perverts.

4)You can enter as many times as you like.

5)Only drabbles under the 300 word limit should be considered for winning that week. (Though we are lenient so long as it is within reason.)

6)The portrayal of the theme or topic is at the discretion of the author/authoress. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

7)The week's winner should be chosen on Wednesday(Your time, we are not deadline Nazis.) by the original assigner of the topic. (Basically if you win, you get to pick the topic, pick the winner next week, then pass the torch to that winner.) If a winner is not chosen by Friday a new topic will be handed out on Friday anyway by the mods. (Or we may choose to poll the community for the next winner.)

8)The topic should be announced by the winner by the end of Friday. The sooner better. If a topic is not announced then a mod will be forced to keep the ball rolling.

9)A winner should not be chosen again by the person who they handed the torch to. So if you are the winner on week one, you cannot be made a winner again until week four. (Basically we want to involve as many people as we can, and give everyone a chance at giving their topic a go. So we want to avoid friends picking friends over and over.) They may enter for fun and you may give them a honorable mention.

10)Comments to entries are welcome and encouraged. The assigner of the topic is not allowed to comment until after they have picked a winner.

11)If no entries have been made by Wednesday then the original poster will have the option of either giving the community another week to respond, or picking a different topic for the coming week.


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+-the kakairu_kink meme.
+-the kakairu_fest exchange.
+-the queershinobi100 drabble community.